Army Sniper Believes Shots Fired on Arizona Highway Came From a Car: 'Someone's Playing Out a Fantasy'

Retired sergeant Eric Haney speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the shootings terrorizing Phoenix.

A legendary former Delta Force sniper spoke out on the freeway shootings terrorizing the city of Phoenix, Arizona, saying he believes the suspect has been firing from a car.

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Eric Haney, a retired sergeant in The U.S. Army's elite Special Forces, told INSIDE EDITION: “I don't think the firing is taking place from the sides of the freeway.

“What I really believe is happening is that someone is firing from a vehicle on the interstate,” he said.

Haney investigated the notorious 2002 D.C. sniper case that left 10 people dead. But he believes Phoenix is completely different; so far, no one has been seriously hurt.

“I believe it's someone playing out some sort of out a fantasy, a juvenile mental game,” he said.

He said the shootings of 11 different vehicles along Interstate 10 were most likely done with a small-caliber handgun due to the size of the bullet holes.

He also believes there may be more than one shooter involved.

“You believe there are two -- one driving, one shooting,” said IE.

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“Someone sits in the backseat, drops the window, and fires a shot,” said Haney.

The shootings over the last two weeks have prompted over 850 tips to authorities, but the investigation continues, leaving motorists understandably on edge.

An estimated 80,000 vehicles were on I-10 on Sunday for two huge sporting events - the home opener of the Arizona Cardinals football team and the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

Over the weekend, police arrested three teens who allegedly used a slingshot in what's believed to be a copycat attack.

In profiling the Phoenix sniper, experts believe he's an immature thrill seeker in his teens or early 20s, is knowledgeable about the I-10 highway, and attacks in the early morning, never during the afternoon, so he may be at school or work.

“Do you believe these individuals will be caught?” asked IE.

“Oh yeah,” said Haney.  

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