Quick-Thinking Pilot Diverts Plane to Save a Dog

An Air Canada pilot diverted a plane from Tel Aviv to Toronto in order to save a little dog's life.

A French bulldog named Simba may be alive today thanks to an Air Canada pilot flying a passenger plan from Tel Aviv to Toronto.

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The pilot noticed a problem with the cargo area’s heating system, where Simba was staying so diverted the flight to Frankfurt, Germany, where the seven-year-old pooch was boarded onto another plane.

Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told CNN: “As soon as the crew became aware of the temperature issue, the captain grew rightfully concerned for the dog's comfort and well-being.

"With the altitude it can become very uncomfortable, and possibly the situation could have been life-threatening if the flight had continued."

The dog’s owner, German Kontorovich, was grateful of the pilot’s quick thinking and told Canda’s City News: “It’s my dog, it’s like [my] child. It’s everything.”

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Fitzpatrick added: “While we recognize this was an inconvenience for our customers, the overall reaction was positive, particularly once people understood the dog was in potential danger but safe as a result of the diversion.”

The 200 passengers reached Toronto 75 minutes later than planned.

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