Woman Searches for Long-Lost Father, Discovers He's a Famous Elvis Impersonator

Melonie Dodaro tracked her dad down in Thailand after launching a social media search.

A woman went on a search for the father she has never known – and got a big surprise when she found out what he does for a living.

Melonie Dodaro, 46, posted a video on Facebook, asking people to help track him down. All she had to go on was that he is Dutch and that his name was Colin De Jong -- and it worked.

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INSIDE EDITION was with Dodaro as she flew halfway around the world to meet her dad for the first time. Her destination: Thailand.

“There’s definitely a part of me that feels like a little girl,” she said. “I absolutely waited my whole life for this moment."

In the exotic seaside resort of Pattaya, she met her father for the first time in her life.

“Oh my God, hi daddy,” she said through tears as she greeted her father.

“I’m so happy to see you,” said her dad, visibly emotional.

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She discovered she has a half-brother and a half-sister named Priscilla.

Dodaro made her father a scrapbook of moments he missed.

The biggest shock was what came next: it turned out that her father is famous in Thailand. He's the nation's foremost Elvis Presley impersonator -- right down to the jumpsuit.

De Jong said that after he lost contact with her mom, he settled in Thailand and took on the Presley persona.

“I think it's awesome,” she said.  

He said it was Presley 's big heart that attracted him to the star. He even founded an orphanage.

At a special concert, he serenaded his daughter. She joined him onstage, where he promised to never let her go.

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