12 Items That Could Be Handy to Have on a Hike In Case You're Stranded

A group of women hiking
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You never know what could happen. If you find yourself lost in the woods, at least you will be prepared.

Hiking and camping can be the most fulfilling and thrilling adventure, but it's important that you always come prepared. Nearly 2,000 people get lost in the woods in the United States every year and some wilderness guides advise that hikers bring at least 10 essentials before embarking on a trip.

We've compiled a list of products that may come in handy in the case of an emergency.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Hydro Flask water bottles are insulated and dishwasher safe. The metal, the company says, helps keeps drinks both cold and hot for hours. 

Emergency Whistle Keychain


This emergency whistle can help you be heard. The double-tube design requires only the lightest blow and produces a loud sound of up to 120 decibels, according to Alpinism, the company that makes the whistle.

Multi-Tool Survival Kit


Made of stainless steel, this multi-toolkit contains 14 different tools, including a hammer, axe, pliers, knife blade, saw, bottle opener and fish de-scaler. 

Water Purification Tablets


Potable Aqua water purification tablets come in a pack of 50. The company says the tablets can be used to make contaminated water bacteriologically suitable to drink within just 35 minutes. Unopened bottles of Potable Aqua tablets, when maintained under controlled temperatures between 60 and 86 °F (15 to 30 °C), should remain effective up to four years.

First Aid Kit


This emergency kit has a total of 299 first aid supplies that can be used to treat minor aches and injuries. The set includes adhesive fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, burn cream, aspirin, gauze rolls, wound closures, a cold pack and other items.

Portable Wind-Proof Stove


This wind-resistant camping stove folds and fits into any hiking or travel bag. The cooking surfaced expands up to 8 inches in diameter and can be adjusted to a full boil. Storage bag and utensils are also included.

Bear Spray


There are reportedly about 40 bear attacks every year around the world. There have been 67 people who have been killed by black bears in the U.S. since 1900. This maximum bear strength spray says it is made with a powerful formula to protect against bears and other outdoor threats. The power fogger can spray up to 20-feet away.

FROGG TOGGS Waterproof Jacket


This rain jacket is said to be ultra-light, easily packable and made with breathable, non-woven fabric that is waterproof and wind resistant. 

Camping Tent


This tent comes in either navy or green and is reportedly weatherproof to keep water from getting inside. 

Kar’s Nuts Trail Mix Snacks


Get a pack of trail mix that contains as many as 192 single 1.5 oz. serving bags inside. This blend offers high protein, low carb, Kosher, gluten-free snacks without hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

Murad Sunscreen


To help prevent skin damage from excessive sun exposure, Murad says its broad spectrum sunscreen has an SPF 50 and shields against blue light damage, UVA, UVB and pollution.

Nike Flex Control Sneakers


Nike says these sneakers are lightweight, flexible and tailored to explosive workouts to help you move your foot naturally. Save up to 50% at Nike until Aug. 8.