California Cop Makes an Indecent Proposal

INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who says a California cop offered to tear up her ticket in exchange for sex.

29-year-old Alyssa Oke was on her way to work when she was pulled over for speeding.  

And you won't believe what Oke says the cop did after handing her a ticket. Oke says the California Highway Patrol officer offered to tear up her speeding ticket in exchange for sex.

"He then gives me his phone number and explains to me, 'Here's my phone number, you can give me a call and we can work something out."

"I was extremely freaked out. I couldn't believe it was happening to me, that's something you see in a movie," said Oke.

Oke was pulled over on Interstate 5 near San Diego. She says she was so upset by her encounter with the Highway Patrol officer that when she reached her job at a clothing store, she called a friend to tell her about it.

That's when she got another shock. Her friend said the same thing happened to her.

Oke said, "Our stories were so similar, it was unbelievable. It was the same officer."

The two women who refused his offer went to the cops and an investigation was launched. The officer turned out to be 53-year-old Abram Carabajal, a 26-year veteran.

The investigation also uncovered surveillance photos that show Carabajal checking into a motel with yet another woman he met after giving her a speeding ticket.

50-year-old Shirin Zarrindej told the jury she actually fell in love with the guy.

But Oke says she has nothing but disgust for the cop who pulled her over for a speeding ticket and ended up making an indecent proposal.

"Officers are supposed to serve and protect the community, not hit on them and try to bribe them for sexual favors."

Officer Carabajal could be sentenced to up to five years in jail.