Pope Francis Gave This Little Girl an Unforgettable Kiss and Hug as He Cruised Through DC

Despite being swarmed by security, the pontiff was incredibly hands-on as he headed to the White House on Wednesday.

There were joyous scenes on the streets of the nation's capital Wednesday as Pope Francis greeted massive crowds.

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Riding in an open-sided Popemobile and with security all around, he beamed and waved to ecstatic supporters - and made it an extra-special day for one member of the crowd.

A Secret Service agent could be seen carrying a little girl from the crowd before bringing her over to the Pope, who gave her a never-to-be-forgotten kiss and a hug.

The girl has been identified as five-year-old Sophia Cruz. Her parents are undocumented immigrants from Mexico and she gave him a drawing in crayon showing the Pope with children saying in Spanish: “My friends and I love each other. The color of our skin doesn't matter.”

As soon as the pontiff passed, everyone checks their cellphones and iPad to see how their photos and videos have turned out.

One supporter told INSIDE EDITION they would "put it in the middle of my living room."

Earlier on Wednesday, President Obama and the first lady officially welcomed the Pontiff to the White House.

The Pope's visit triggered one of the largest security operations in American history. It's been declared a "national special security event" by the Department Of Homeland Security.

Photos taken during his trip show how he is surrounded by burly security guards.

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And it's a bodyguard's nightmare, since the Pontiff loves to get up close and personal with the crowds. He was so hands-on as he made his way to the White House, he even got a kiss from one guy.

Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow told INSIDE EDITION: "For him to fulfill his mission in expanding the church... inherently poses a massive security risk." 

Security will be just as tight at the other stops on the Pope's visit. He will also appear in D.C., New York City and Philadelphia.

When he comes to the Big Apple, manhole covers will be sealed, while drones and selfie sticks are banned, and an eight-foot-tall steel mesh fence has been erected along the parade route to protect him. 

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