Former UFC Fighter Says He Will Beat Ronda Rousey... 'Then She'll Make Me a Sandwich'

A former UFC fighter claims he can beat Ronda Rousey, then she will make him a sandwich.

Since Ronda Rousey's explosive 34-second knockout of an opponent this summer, everyone wants a crack at the UFC golden girl.

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Now, former UFC fighter-turned-wrestler David "Tank" Abbott says he could "bash" all women - including Rousey. Why? Because "she's a girl."

He told "the Proving Ground" podcast this week, shared by TMZ,  that "I will fight any woman on this Earth for free … I won't even train."

He added: "I will fight you and if I win, which is going to happen, and you're going to get bashed up good, you have to make me a sandwich. If you win, I'll give you a hundred thousand dollars."

Abbott even weighed in on the jabs both Floyd Mayweather and Rousey have been taking on each other in the press this year.

He told the podcast that the boxer would "knock the living stuffing out of Rousey."

During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session in August, she was asked if she could "legitimately beat Floyd Mayweather in a ruleless fight."

She responded: "Floyd is one of the best boxers of all time. He would definitely beat me in a boxing match. I unfortunately don't get into "matches". I fight for a living."

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But she continued: "In a no rules fight, I believe I can beat anyone on this planet. Boxing is a sweet science with strict rules that I respect very much and aspire every day to improve at. But you said ruleless fight, and that's my honest answer."

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