Need to Avoid Pope Traffic? Take a Helicopter for $95

Since there is gridlock traffic in New York City due to the Papal and United Nations visit, many are finding alternative ways to get around.

With traffic at a standstill in many parts of Manhattan due to the Pope and United Nations Assembly in town, many people are using alternative transportation methods.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian found a unique way of avoiding gridlock: taking to the skies.

“With the city on lockdown because of the Pope's visit, some people are getting around in the sky by helicopter,” he said.

It takes just six minutes to get from the West Side to the East Side. The cost? $95.

Fabian spoke to Blade Helicopter CEO Rob Wiesenthal who said: "People are using it because they want to get to meetings on time. They'll know exactly when they'll get there if they fly in the air as opposed to sitting in traffic.”

A group of young women flew to work today and avoided Pope gridlock. They said: “It’s pretty great.”

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The company, which is similar to Uber but for the skies, told Reuters that it received a wave of requests from many of the 40,000 app users.

New York City has beefed up security due to the Papal and United Nations visit.

Since the Pope is going to various parts of the city, manhole covers will be sealed, while drones and selfie sticks are banned, and an eight-foot-tall steel mesh fence has been erected along the parade route to protect him.

Since he loves to get up close with the crowds, there could be concerning security conditions.

Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow told INSIDE EDITION: "For him to fulfill his mission in expanding the church... inherently poses a massive security risk."

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