Sarah Palin Doppelganger Wins Delaware Republican Primary

The Tea Party candidate who won the Delaware Republican primary race in an upset looks a whole lot like Sarah Palin. INSIDE EDITION has more.

After Christine O'Donnell's shocking upset win in Delaware's Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate, the whole country is now asking: is she the next Sarah Palin?

O'Donnell even looks like Palin. O'Donnell appeared in glasses and a red blazer, just like Palin.

And just-uncovered video shows O'Donnell in 1996 appearing on the MTV show Sex in the 90's. But it's the opposite of a sex tape. O'Donnell was a college student who was pushing for abstinence.

Palin endorsed her protégé in a robo-call call to Delaware voters.

Palin's endorsement, with strong Tea Party support, led to the victory over Republican establishment candidate Congressman Mike Castle.

"Without Palin I don't think [O'Donnell] would have been able to win, Palin was her big backer," says Politico's Andy Barr.

Overnight, O'Donnell has been thrust into the national spotlight, and she's faced some tough questions on news shows.

"A big issue in the campaign was failure to pay back taxes, failure to pay campaign debts, failure to may your mortgage, so can you clear that up?" asked Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos.

O'Donnell interrupted Stephanopoulos, laughing and saying the information was untrue.

She's even coming under fire from Republican guru Karl Rove, now a Fox News commentator

"She's got to answer these troubling questions," said Rove.