Seven-Foot Python Found Among a Pile of Clothes at Florida Flea Market

A seven-foot Burmese python was found in a pile of clothes at a Florida flea market.

A Florida shopper got the scare of her life when a Burmese python was found in a pile of clothes at a flea market, according to police.

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Miami Dade Fire Rescue posted photos of the snake to Twitter.

#MDFR #Venomone captured wild burmese python in flea market at 272 Krome AVE who hid to digest last night's meal.

September 27, 2015

Lieutenant Scott Mullen of the Fire Rescue said the seven-foot-long python had appeared to have recently eaten, according to reports.

It is unknown where the python came from or if it belongs to someone.

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The uninvited guest was turned over to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who had a busy day on Monday. Earlier in the day, they helped lure a monkey back to its owner after it was found on a mailbox and eating mail for breakfast.

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