Woman Gets The Thrill of Her Life As Boyfriend Proposes on a Roller Coaster

One guy took the term 'taking the plunge' too serious when he proposed to his girlfriend on a roller coaster.

Being on a roller coaster is thrilling enough but for Alison Boyle, it became a ride she will never forget.

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Her boyfriend Austin Crecelius popped the question near the top of "The Voyage" at the Holiday World Amusement Park in Indiana. Austin, a college senior, made sure his friend Cory was there to film the moment with a GoPro.

Austin then showed off his white T-shirt with the words: "She said yes!"

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Austin said that the ride was temporarily shut down and they had to wait 15 minutes before it re-opened. He said his girlfriend even asked him if he was okay because he was red and sweating.

After the ride, Austin told his bride-to-be that "life is full of surprises" and the ring from the coaster was actually fake.

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He proposed again with the actual ring on the exit ramp surrounded by their friends and family and this time he got down on one knee.

The ride surely caused a roller coaster of emotions for the couple.

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