Stunt Man on Fire Breaks Record

A man set a new world record for the longest time spent on fire. INSIDE EDITION has the details on how he did it.

It was a crazy attempt at the world record for the longest time spent on fire!
Stunt man Colin Decker's friends literally added fuel to the flames as he strode around his backyard.

At almost three minutes, Colin's clothing started to disintegrate, falling off his body in flaming strips. He shattered the previous record but kept going.

Finally he was done, and collapsed into a pool of water.

His friends rushed in. All that remained of his clothes was a pile of rags. He set a new record—3 minutes and 27 seconds! But he was disappointed that he didn't go further.

"I didn't get to four [minutes]," said Decker.

So how did the daredevil from Canada survive? He wore fire-proof clothes and his body was coated with fire-retardant gel.

It's hard to believe that after all that time on fire there's not a mark on this human torch.