Baseball Fan's Amazing Recovery After 30-Foot Fall

Baseball fan Tyler Morris says he feels blessed after surviving a 30-foot fall from the upper deck at Rangers Ballpark in pursuit of a foul ball. INSIDE EDITION has his amazing story.

Tyler Morris saves lives for a he knows better than anyone how amazing it is that he's still alive after a freak accident at a baseball game.

"I was so far up that I did not think I would survive," he says. "I am very thankful, I am blessed."

Morris, a firefighter and a paramedic, had been looking forward to attending a game between the Texas Rangers and the Cleveland Indians at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. He and his friends were seated in the second deck, behind home plate. Suddenly, a foul ball headed straight towards him.

"I lost where my footing was at, and my balance, and I reached up and I actually fell backwards over the railing," Morris says.

Morris plunged more than thirty feet down!

But if a man who falls that far can be said to have been lucky, Morris was lucky indeed!

At first, everyone assumed the worst. Cleveland outfielder Trevor Crowe actually fell to his knees and started to pray, and other players looked on in horror...believing Morris was dead.

"The next thing I hear was the sirens from the ambulance," says Morris.

On the way down, a scoreboard had broken his fall. He then flipped in mid-air and landed feet-first on four people, which helped cushion his landing.

"My head came back and actually broke the chair from the impact."

Remarkably, Morris suffered a head injury and a fractured ankle, but no internal injuries.

Perhaps his wife Katie said it best: "Angels were with him that day."