Breathtaking Drone Footage Shows 2 Whales Keeping Paddle Boarder Company

A drone photographer in Australia captured a special moment of Southern right whales swimming under a paddle boarder.

Incredible drone footage shows a man paddle boarding right next to two whales in Esperance, Australia.

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Drone photographer Jaimen Hudson heard the whales were in the area, so he raced there with his droneDave Price just happened to be paddle boarding when the two Southern right whales came over to meet him.

The video was later shared by Viral Hog.

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The photographer told ABC Esperance: "There was one time when the whales lifted their heads up looked up over Pricey's board. They were so inquisitive and wanted to know what he was."

He added: "I don't think it was dangerous, the whales moved to where he was and the whole time they were very slow moving and peaceful."

Southern right whales are found in many parts of Australia and can be as big as 60 feet and weigh up to 50 tons.

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