Danish Travel Company Releases Video Encouraging Couples to Take Baby-Making Vacations

One Danish travel agency thinks they can help Denmark's declining population by offering discounts and encourage couples to have a kid on holiday.

Denmark may soon have a population problem because people aren't having enough babies.

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So a Danish travel company, Spies, is offering a solution. They launched a new campaign “Do It For Mom” which is encouraging people who want to be grandparents to pay for their children to take vacations abroad.

According to Spies, studies show that Danish people have more sex when they are on vacation. They also claim that 10 percent of Danish children are conceived while on holiday.

In less than a week, their new campaign ad has already been seen over four million times. They are even offering a $150 discount for wannabe grandparents to purchase the trips.

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The company is even going as far as holding a contest to win three years of baby supplies if the vacation results in a kid.

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