Jessica Mendoza Fights Host's Sexist Comments: 'He Came After Me Because I'm a Woman'

The analyst was ridiculed by an Atlanta talk show host after she broadcasted a Major League Baseball game.

Jessica Mendoza says she accepts the apology from a talk show host after he criticized her role as a baseball analyst.

Mendoza, a gold medal-winning Olympic softball player for Team USA, made history as the first woman analyst to broadcast a Major League playoff game. She had a broad grin in the ESPN broadcast booth during Tuesday night's wildcard game between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees.

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But Mendoza faced outrageous backlash on social media.

One Atlanta sports radio talk show host, Mike Bell, tweeted: “You guys are telling me there isn't a more qualified baseball player ESPN can use than a softball player? Gimme a break!”

Then Bell went a step further – blasting her by referring to an offensive scene from the movie, Anchorman.

The radio host tweeted: “Yes tell us ---- McGhee, when you're up there hitting the softball, you see a lot of 95 mile-an-hour cutters.”

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The radio station suspended Bell until next week and he apologized to Mendoza.

“What I said was hurtful and I want to take this opportunity to say to Jessica that what I said was dumb and hurtful and I apologize for putting that garbage on Twitter,” he said.

On Good Morning America, Mendoza said, “I accept his apology. To me it’s really about, he came after me because I'm a woman. Let's think about what I'm saying, what I'm doing, and not so much the sex that I am.”

IE’s Lisa Guerrero -- a former sideline reporter on Monday Night Football – said of the controversy: “I find it shocking that in 2015, a woman would be criticized based on simply her gender, and not on the value of her work. Jessica has been doing a great job as an analyst."

Mendoza said: “I think we're just going to keep this going and I'm looking forward to the future.”

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