Woman Protests Outside Mosque, Gets Welcomed with Smiles and Hugs

An Ohio woman protests outside a mosque, only to be welcomed with smiles and hugs.

A woman protesting outside an Ohio mosque against the "dangers" of Islam was greeted by worshippers who hugged her and invited her inside.

The woman, identified only as "Annie," was walking in front of the Noor Islamic Center in Dublin, carrying placards that called for an end to Sharia law. Another read: "The World Says Enough." 

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She engaged in a lengthy discussion with mosque members, warning them that the holy city of Mecca "is one of the cities that's going to be wiped out when Christ returns." But a woman wearing a traditional headscarf approached the demonstrator, and gently patted her hand.

"Come on in, seriously," the Muslim woman said. Others gathered around and escorted the protester inside, where applause broke out as she crossed the threshhold.

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"My husband did not want me to come here," she said, smiling and posing for sefies inside the mosque. 

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