Billy the Kid Photo Bought From Junk Shop for $2 Could Be Worth $5 Million

A collector who bought a box of old photos for $2 found one very special picture inside.

It's the dream of every thrift store shopper - paying peanuts for an item that turns out to be fabulously valuable.

And that's exactly what happened to Randy Guijarro of Fremont, California when he walked into a second-hand shop and bought a box of old photos for only $2.

Inside the box, he stumbled upon a rare photo of one of the most notorious criminals of all time: Billy the Kid.

Guijarro told INSIDE EDITION: “This truly is like a Twilight Zone photograph.”

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In the photo, Billy is surrounded by his gang, The Regulators, as he plays croquet at a wedding in Lincoln County, New Mexico during the summer of 1878. It is only the second confirmed image of the famed outlaw.

Guijarro purchased the photograph at an antique store in Fresno, California in 2010.

He explained: “I’m looking with a jeweler’s loop, a little magnifying glass, and the guy in the middle, Tom O'Folliard, he's just as clear as you and me. I went and looked at who I thought he was pointing at I thought, 'Oh my! This guy, it's Billy the Kid.'"

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Jeff Aiello produced the National Geographic documentary Billy the Kid: New Evidence airing Sunday. The documentary chronicles the journey to authenticate the photograph.

Aiello told INSIDE EDITION: “A Billy the Kid photo is considered the Holy Grail of western photography.”

And now we have this newly uncovered image which is could fetch as much as $5 million.

Guijarro said: “This is truly a snapshot into the window of 1878."

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