American Airlines Flight Delayed By 1,000 Bees Found Beneath Plane Wing

A flight from Dallas / Fort Worth to Frankfort, Germany, was grounded after a swarm of bees flew into the cargo area of the plane.

A thousand uninvited guests tried to board a flight from Texas to Germany – delaying the flight for more than an hour.

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A massive swarm of bees were found beneath the wing of an American Airlines plane at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport just before take-off.

According to reports, the pilot said that the queen bee had flown into the airliner’s wing while it was waiting to depart.

Not what you want to hear- AA flight delayed on runway because of 500 bees under wing#kcbd

October 14, 2015

Here come the Bee-Busters! Ready in a space suit to kill the swarm and save our luggage! #kcbd11 #beebrave!

October 14, 2015

Bees on a plane! Invasion delays American Airlines flight

October 15, 2015

It was the second incident in one day at the airport.

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION, American Airlines said: “We had an issue at DFW with a swarm of bees yesterday afternoon, not once, but twice.

“A 767 came in from LAS and when the Fleet Service started unloading the aircraft, they noticed a lot of bees under the wing and stopped unloading the plane. We called a bee keeper out to deal with the situation. He captured the queen and the swarm and we finished unloading.”

As for the flight that was delayed, thankfully, the bees never entered the passenger cabin and were just in the cargo area.

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American Airlines also told INSIDE EDITION: “Unfortunately, not long after the bee keeper left, another swarm decided to visit the same aircraft that we were using for flight 70 to Frankfort, Germany. So, the bee keeper came back and recaptured the swarm.

"We were able to finish loading the cargo and bags shortly after 4:30 p. The flight took off for Frankfort at 4:48 p, about 1:13 minutes past its scheduled departure time. Not your usual everyday situation, but certainly something that our DFW team was able to handle.”

It is not clear if these “stowabees” had to go through customs before leaving the plane.

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