Man Dies on Aer Lingus Flight After Biting Fellow Passenger

A woman believed to be traveling with man was found to have five pounds of a "suspected amphetamine powder" in her suitcase.

A 24-year-old man who was restrained by an aircraft crew after he attacked a fellow passenger collapsed and died on board the flight, authorities said.

The man, a Brazilian national, was flying on an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon, Portugal, to Dublin, Ireland, when he bit a man sitting near him on Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

Crew members restrained the Brazilian man, who then lost consciousness on the flight, the AP wrote.

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A doctor and nurse on board the flight were unable to revive the man and he was pronounced dead on arrival by paramedics. The aircraft’s pilots diverted the flight to Cork, a county about 160 miles southwest of Dublin.

A 44-year-old Portuguese woman believed to be traveling with Brazilian man was found to have five pounds of a “suspected amphetamine powder” in her suitcase and was arrested by Cork police, AP wrote.

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The bitten passenger was taken to a nearby hospital and the other 165 passengers and six crew members were taken to Dublin by bus.

An autopsy expected to be completed on Monday will determine the man’s cause of death.

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