Widowed Mom Gets Letters of Support From Strangers Around the World

Merystaa and her three-year-old daughter received notes and packages courtesy of moreloveletters.com.

A recently widowed mother was flooded with letters of support and encouragement from strangers across the world six months after losing her husband.

"This past year has been so hard," Merysta said in a video for Kleenex.

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Merysta and her three-year-old daughter received the notes and packages courtesy of More Love Letters, a non-profit that sends bundles of letters to people during a time of need. One of her friends had contacted the website to nominate her to receive the letters.

"Merysta is one of those people who you feel lucky to know," the friend told the non-profit. "She brings such a happy energy and enthusiasm into every situation and helps make life fun."

Merysta said that the letters of encouragement have helped her to keep going as she brings up her daughter on her own.

"To get support from complete strangers, that means the world," she said.

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More Love Letters has sent more than 90,000 letters to date.

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