Woman Whose Husband Died in Desert After They Took a Wrong Turn: 'It's a Miracle I'm Here'

Dianna Bedwell told INSIDE EDITION how her faith got her through the two-week ordeal.

Her husband made a wrong turn, stranding them in the baking California desert for days. And then she had to watch him die an excruciating death.

But Dianna Bedwell tells INSIDE EDITION she is grateful to have survived. She comforted Paul as he repeatedly apologized for getting them stuck. "He said I'm sorry.' And I said, 'I know, sweetheart. I didn't want him to feel any worse than he did."

Their journey started in San Diego, with a stop at a casino. Then they headed for their son’s house near Palm Springs.

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Paul thought he was taking a shortcut through the desert. But as the miles flew by, Dianna became more and more afraid.

She begged him to turn back.

“I told him, ‘Please we could get stuck out here. I told, him, ‘We could even die.’’’

And that is what eventually happened.

Paul did turn around, when the blacktop petered out into a dirt road, but their car ended up mired in a dry creek bed.

There was no cell phone signal so they couldn’t call for help.

The couple had a bag of oranges and a banana cream pie they were taking to their son.

A week went by. Paul’s diabetes worsened his failing health.

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Their son, Robert had called 911 when his parents failed to show up. But rescuers were having no luck.

“He said ‘Dianna, I’m going to die.’ I didn’t want to believe him. I didn’t believe it,” his wife of 28 years said.

Weeping, Dianna said she survived “on faith,” after Paul died on the seventh day of their fateful turn.

A week later, after drinking her urine to survive, searchers on ATVs found her.

“It’s a tragedy and a miracle,” she said of that sad trip earlier this year. “I’m a miracle.”

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