Woman Wakes to Find a Shark in Her Front Yard As Floodwaters Recede

Floodwaters left behind a startling surprise for one Mobile, Alabama woman. Whitney Constantine awoke this week to find a 3-foot bull shark in her yard.

An Alabama woman whose home was swamped by recent flooding awoke this week to find a startling surprise on her lawn: a shark.

Whitney Constantine found the shark in her yard near Mobile after Monday's floodwaters receded.

She said heavy rains often leave her yard waterlogged but, this time around--as the remnants of Hurricane Patricia lashed the region--was the worst ever.

"We usually just leave when heavy rains come," Constantine, who lives along a bay, told INSIDE EDITION.

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However, this time the family chose to stick around, not knowing how powerful the storm would be upon reaching Alabama.

Constantine said she decided to stay home with her 2-year-old daughter a little later than usual on Monday to make sure things were okay around the house.

But, by the time she'd been expecting to leave, the flood waters had already risen too high for her to drive away from the house.

The water was so high, in fact, that the only way her husband managed to get to the house was on a tractor they had parked down the road.

Thankfully, the family's home is built 12 feet off the ground and everyone stayed dry. A sea creture that hitchhiked into their yard on the cresting bay waters was less lucky.

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'We thought it was just a fish,' Constantine told INSIDE EDITION. Upon closer inspection, the couple realized it was a juvenile bull shark.

Constantine said she's seen other such young bull sharks--which can grow to nearly 12 feet long--swimming in the bay, where the mother sharks come to give birth.

This one was around three feet long, said Constantine, admitting she felt a little pity for the fish.

"He was one of the victims, I guess," she said.

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