Boy, 9, Dies Mysteriously After Tripping in the Street While Taking Cookies to his Friend

Christopher Chester died mysteriously while walking in his New Hampshire neighborhood alongside his father on Friday.

A New Hampshire boy is dead and his family shattered after he tripped in the street last week and for reasons as yet unexplained never got back up again.

Nine-year-old Christopher Chester of Sandown was walking with his father on his way to a friend's home when the baffling tragedy struck.

In a emotional social media post written the morning just after Christopher's death, the boy's father explained that his son had only moments before been excited to share his fresh baked cookies.

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"We made cookies and he wanted to bring some to a friend of ours who lives a few houses down. He tripped or fell on the way there. I asked him to get up and he didn't. When I try to help him up, he was lifeless," William Chester wrote Saturday.

Chester said he immediately started to rush his son to the hospital as he frantically called 911.

"I tried to wake him up and he wouldn't wake up. I ran to get my truck and put him in it and called 911. They had me pull over and do CPR on him. The ambulance came and they continued. His heart started beating again. I had to say goodbye to my best friend.

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"He was such a great kid. He had such a heart of gold. Heaven just received the best angel that they will ever see. I love you so much Christopher. I miss you so much. I don't know what to do without you."

Mr. Chester's post was included on a GoFundMe page created to help the ailing family financially in their time of need.

In just three days, the fund had received nearly $25,000 that will go toward his funeral.

According to an obituary, Christopher is also survived by his mother, brother and sister.

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