Dog Is Center of Attention In Owners' Engagement Pictures With Epic Photobomb

All eyes are on Louie, the six-year-old mini dachshund, whose photobombs have become the stuff of legends.

A Minnesota couple celebrating their engagement with a photo shoot quickly saw the spotlight shift to their rambunctious dog, whose photobombs are the stuff of legends.

Megan Determan, 30, and Chris Kluthe, 31, brought their six-year-old mini dachshund, Louie, to a park near their St. Paul home, where the couple planned to take engagement photos October 13.

“We decided to bring Louie along, because he will not be at the wedding— he’s clearly very hyper and crazy,” Determan told INSIDE EDITION with a laugh. “The park, it’s one that we walk through with him every day."

It was suggested that Louie get involved in the fun and joined his parents in the leaves.

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“I knew he’d probably put on a show. He’s a ham. And he photobombed the hell out of us!” Determan said. “He gave them a pretty good show.”

It was a good show indeed, as Louie leaped into the air and attacked the leaves with vigor.

“When he’s out on a walk, everyone thinks he’s a puppy. But he’s an adult, he’s an old man!” his mom laughed. “We joke that he does parkour on our furniture.”

The photos were an instant hit on the internet, garnering hundreds of likes and attention seemingly overnight.

“We see that every day and for other people to see it and enjoy it is really great,” Determan said. “We did not ever imagine it would be this widely shared. It’s truly taken off. It’s a good thing. I’m happy people are enjoying it.”

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Louie’s acrobatics also helped to bring a smile to Kluthe’s face, who his fiancé said can be camera-shy.

“(Photographer) Karin and I were cracking up that he (Kluthe) has a better smile than me in lots of the pictures,” Determan said. “It paid off.”

The couple was treated to another surprise, as their photographers and owners of DnK Photography Dan and Karin Berdal gifted them a large print of the most epic photobomb.

“We had a big space on a wall (and) we assumed it was going to be a wedding photo going there, but we will be hanging this,” she said.

They also plan to incorporate the memorable photos into their wedding, she said.

“Assume that Loui will be photo bombing all over the wedding,” Determan hinted.

The couple will be married on December 11.

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