Son Flies Thousands Of Miles To Be With His Mom For Kidney Transplant

This son flew from Germany to the United States to be with his mom before her kidney transplant.

A son living in Germany flew four thousand miles to surprise his mom at the hospital before she had a kidney transplant.

YouTube star Carl James posted the video of his impromptu visit to his mother’s bedside including his family’s emotional reactions to his sudden appearance. 

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Carl’s mom, Sarah Brook, has been sick for 10 years with a disease that has slowly destroyed her kidneys and she has been on dialysis for a year.  When Sarah was scheduled to receive a transplant Carl knew he wanted to be by her side before she went into the operating room 

Carl James lives in Berlin, while the rest of his family lives in the United States and has not visited his family in 18 months. With the help of some friends Carl planned a secret trip to the U.S. and arrived at the hospital few hours before his mom’s procedure.

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When he walked into the hospital room, there were plenty of tears and hugs.

Carl tells INSIDE EDITION that his mom has recovered from the surgery and left the hospital.  

“We've had a bit of a setback as her kidney has unfortunately adopted the disease,” Carl tells IE, “But we know what we're dealing with this time, as opposed to 10 years ago, and we're confident that she is going to continue living a long life.”

“She feels much better thanks to the new kidney, and no longer has to take dialysis, which is amazing!! It's a day to day process.”

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