Was Sarah Palin Booed at Dancing with the Stars?

INSIDE EDITION was backstage at Dancing with the Stars as Sarah Palin was front and center to watch her daughter Bristol perform.

Did the audience at Dancing with the Stars boo Sarah Palin? Brooke Burke said, "Oh my, there's booing in the ballroom. We don't know why."

Palin had the best seat in the house so she could cheer on her daughter Bristol.  Sarah Palin was seen walking out of the makeup trailer wearing four inch heels.

But there was a bizarre moment right after Jennifer Gray got her scores, you could hear the crowd booing.

When cameras cut back to the studio, host Tom Bergeron was sitting down to interview Sarah Palin.
Palin makes a face and looks surprised to hear the boos.

Bergeron asked Palin, "Your favorite dancer so far?"

Palin responded, "Oh my goodness, they are all amazing. They really are. This is great! Bristol's not up yet. Bristol the pistol."

The question is, was the audience booing Sarah Palin, or were they reacting to fan favorite Jennifer Grey's scores?

Bergeron said later on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "They felt that Jennifer got screwed. That she should have gotten 9's,"

Kimmel asked, "Are you positive?"

"Mostly," replied Bergeron, to laughter from the audience.

And all eyes were on Bristol, who closed the show with an impressive quick step. Backstage, she told our Jim Moret she was ecstatic her mom was on hand.

"It makes me feel great. I'm glad she came out to support us tonight and I'm making her proud," said Bristol.

Bergeron asked her, "What advice did she give you?"

"Just to be confident. Smile and have fun," said Bristol.

And speaking of Jennifer Grey, she revealed the scar on the back of her neck where she had cancer surgery. A metal plate was inserted. She says she's now cancer free.

Backstage Grey was asked, "Is your neck hurting?"

"No, not all all. My lungs hurt," said Grey.

Grey got the highest scores of the night, and singer Michael Bolton got the lowest for his clunky jive.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said, "I think this is probably the worst jive in 11 seasons."

Bolton said, "It was personal. Bruno made it personal tonight. So I'm not sure what is going on over there."