Da Vinci's Last Supper Saves Boy, 3, From Harm in Two-Story Fall

Dionna Praylow's 3-year-old son Reginald fell through a second story window in their Philadelphia home and landed safely on the famous painting of Christ.

A 3-year-old Philadelphia boy is safe and sound this weekend despite tumbling out of a second floor window, all thanks to a famous painting of Jesus.

Dionna Praylow left her son Reginald alone for just a few moments while getting him ready for a bath in the rowhouse on Wednesday. When she returned to the room, he was gone.

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In a panic, Praylow ran downstairs, where she found her son limping back into the house and realized Reginald's fall had been broken by a framed copy of DaVinci's "The Last Supper."

The painting, Praylow told NBC Philadelphia, was her mother's and had, for some reason, been placed outside the home.

Reginald was checked out by doctors and quickly sent on his way. He's now "acting normal, running around" according to his mom.

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Investigators were sent into the home, since the incident involved a young child, and concluded that Reginald had leaned against a plexiglass window, which then gave way.

When he fell, the thick canvas of the painting cushioned his fall and also protected him from the broken glass and debris that strewn around the lot where he fell.

All he suffered was a small cut on his arm, reports Philly.com.

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