As Trump Slumps in the Polls, He Says: Ben Carson Doesn't Have the Experience to Be President

Donald Trump may be slipping in the polls, but the billionaire is still making jabs at his rivals.

Donald Trump took an opportunity to go after his rivals in the presidential race during a television appearance Tuesday, as his poll numbers continue to dip. 

Appearing on Good Morning America to promote his new book, Crippled America: How to Make Our Country Great Again, Trump went after neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

“I think that Ben just doesn't have the experience,” Trump said. “I'm going to make deals on trade, run the military properly. Ben can't do those things.”

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The billionaire also took aim at Marco Rubio, saying: “I think he's overrated and I’ve also said he's a lightweight. I think Putin would eat him alive.”

A new presidential poll from NBC / Wall Street Journal has Carson once again in first place with 29 percent. Donald Trump is in second with 23 percent and Rubio is at 11 percent.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos brought up the last week's controversial GOP debate and Trump said: “We’re being asked very rude questions, many of them directed at me. I just want to have a debate. I want to answer tough questions."

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Trump is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live this weekend for a second time, but the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is calling on NBC to "disinvite" Trump for his stance on immigration.

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