Johnny Mathis' Hollywood Hills Home Damaged By Fire

The legendary singer returned home from a concert to find the house devastated by fire.

Legendary singer Johnny Mathis’ mansion has been left in shambles after a fire erupted inside it on Monday night.

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Mathis has lived in the estate in the Hollywood Hills since 1959. He says the fire destroyed irreplaceable memories from his career.

“I've got a lot of memories in there. A concert grand piano, all sorts of portraits from my album covers,” he said.

The singer returned from a concert in Cleveland to find his hilltop mansion devastated by fire.

His neighbor Martin Davis told INSIDE EDITION: "The flames were glowing orange and really shooting up high."

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The cause of the fire is under investigation. In the meantime, the 80-year-old singer is trying to remain positive.

“I am okay and nobody got hurt. We can always replace things,” he said.

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