British Boy Finds Out He's Going To Become A Big Brother Through A Game Of Telephone

An eight-year-old boy from England found out he was going to become a big brother through a family game of telephone.

An eight-year-old boy from England found out he was going to become a big brother through a family game of telephone. 

AJ and his family, who are from Kent, were sitting around the dinner table when his mom, Hope, decided to pass on the important news.

A video shows the information being passed around 12 people - who barely manage to contain their excitement - before it reaches AJ, who is then told to share the message.

"Mummy's having a baby!" he yells excitedly. 

"What?! What!" comes the surprise response from others gathered around the table.

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AJ's mom Hope then produces a small picture showing a scan of the child. The youngster appears to be in a state of disbelief as the news slowly sinks in.

"Yes! I knew you would get another shot!" he says to his mom as he raises his hands in the air in a look of victory.

AJ had told his parents that he was hoping for a brother or sister but Hope was forced to wait while she completed her university studies to become a midwife, his dad Lee Manley told INSIDE EDITION.

"We knew he would be so happy when he found out and we had a few ideas but my wife came up with the idea [of a game of telephone] and we both loved it," he said.

"I have never seen him happier, he can’t wait. He is also very excited about the possibility of the baby being born on May 4th as he is a huge Star Wars fan."

In the video, AJ asks how long it will be before the baby is born; his mother explains the baby is just 11 weeks.

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"Why didn't you tell me if it has been 11 weeks?" AJ asks.

"Why do you think I've been getting sick?" his mom responds. 

"AJ, what have you got to say?" asks a family member sitting across the table from him.

After a moment of thought, he responds, "Get in there!" punching his fists into the air one more time. 

Overcome with emotion, AJ then turns to his mom and gives her a big hug, happy in the knowledge that he will be a big brother in just over seven months time.

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