Sarah Palin Boo-Gate on Dancing with the Stars

INSIDE EDITION gets to the bottom of "Boo-gate" to find out what all the booing was about at Dancing With the Stars right before Sarah Palin's interview.

It's being called boo-gate, and it's rocking Dancing with the Stars!

Did the audience really boo Sarah Palin, or Jennifer Grey's scores?

Now we know the truth!  

On last night's show, ABC took the extraordinary step of broadcasting raw unedited footage from the judges' camera that shows what really happened.

Booing is heard as Bruno gave Jennifer Grey and her partner an eight.

Brooke Burke said to Jennifer Grey, "It seemed to me, based on that footage, that the audience was booing because they thought you deserved higher scores."

So what did Bristol Palin think? INSIDE EDITION caught up with her backstage.

"I didn't even notice there was an issue until they addressed it tonight. Anything they can make up to be negative about my mom they're gonna make up. I'm not worried about it, she's not worried about it. We know what went down," said Bristol.

And the other stars INSIDE EDITION spoke to backstage all agreed.

"Nobody booed at Sarah," said Audrina Patridge.

"No way did we think it was about Sarah's presence here," said Rick Fox.

Palin was in the audience a second night. She herself has yet to weigh in officially on boo-gate, but host Tom Bergeron has the final word, saying, "I'm putting the final nail in the coffin for boo-gate. Sarah told me she was surprised by the controversy because she was booing you guys too, so there!"