Kidnapped Baby Goat That Sparked Internet Sensation is Found Safe and Sound

A kidnapped baby goat named GusGus was found safe sound after his disappearance created Internet sensation.

Someone kidnapped a kid from the Arizona State Fair but thankfully he's now back home safe with mom.

The adorable baby goat named GusGus was smuggled out of the fairgrounds Wednesday night, prompting an Internet sensation after his photo was posted online by fair officials seeking his return.

And on Thursday the three-week-old pygmy goat was found wandering by a canal in north Phoenix, a little worse for wear and tear, but otherwise just fine, fair authorities said in a statement.

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The five-pound baby would not have survived for long without his mother's milk. He was reunited with his mother on Thursday afternoon. She had been calling out for her kid and was restless, fair workers said.

The goat's disappearance quickly went viral (he even has his own Twitter account), with posters expressing concern and anger over GusGus' abduction.

 Who steals a baby goat from a state fair?!

— Eric Schroeder (@e0bama) November 5, 2015

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About 20 minutes after someone smuggled him out of a petting zoo enclosure, GusGus was found by near the canal by an unknown person who dropped him off at a pet store.

Employees recognized him from news reports and called state fair officials, who drove out to get him.

#GusGus and mama! Reunited right now and he is one hungry boy! #azstatefair

— azstatefair (@azstatefair) November 5, 2015

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