Police Investigate Possible Hospital Room Murder-Suicide of Mother and 5-Year-Old Son

Police in Mesa, Arizona are investigating the possibility that a boy and his mother found dead of a gunshot wound died in a murder-suicide.

A woman and her young son were found dead in the boy's hospital room this weekend and police in Arizona are investigating the deaths as a possible murder-suicide.

Staff at Banner Desert Children's Hospital in Mesa were horrified to find the unidentified mother, who was in her 20s, dead of a gunshot wound early Saturday. 

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Also dead in the room was her 5-year-old son. Police did not reveal his cause of death but, according to KNXV, they believe the mother took her son's life and then her own.

The woman had reportedly been involved with the Arizona Department of Child Safety, though specifics on the case were unavailable.

Also unclear was why the boy was being treated at Banner Desert Children's, where he'd been for about a week.

Before they were discovered dead at 2 a.m., the mother and son had last been checked on at midnight. 

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Officials from the hospital released the following statement following the incident:

"The safety of our patients, associates and visitors is paramount to us and is our top priority at this time. At no time were others impacted by this incident and we remain vigil in the safety of all we’re treating and seeing at Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

"Banner Health does have a policy in place that prohibits firearms and weapons at all of our hospitals, health centers, and clinics that’s posted at our entry ways. Our thoughts are with the family and their loss at this time."

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