Stray Kitten is Saved From Drain After Rescuers Hear His Cries

Video shot by the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society in Greece shows the tiny, scared kitten inside the debris-filled drain.

A determined stray kitten who somehow got stuck down a storm drain was taken to safety after rescuers heard his cries.

Video shows the tiny, scared kitten inside the debris-filled drain in Greece.

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"Trapped under a storm drain, it was desperate, hungry, scared and fighting for its life all alone," OrphanPet wrote on the video on YouTube.

When rescuers arrived to help the terrified cat, he wouldn't stand still long enough for them to get him out so they covered a scarf with cat food. As he gratefully ate the food, they were able to scoop him out to safety.

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He was fed by his rescuers and returned to his cat colony. Stray cats are a huge problem in Greece so the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society is working to spay and neuter as many as they can.

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