Ex-Cop Who Repeatedly Raped Stroke Victim, 75, Gets Life in Prison

Gary Dale Baker was convicted in July of nine charges including rape, forcible oral copulation, felony sexual batter and first-degree burglary.

A former California cop was sentenced to life in prison for repeatedly raping a stroke victim in her 70s who is almost completely unable to speak.

Ex-Sacramento police officer Gary Dale Baker, 52, was sentenced Tuesday to 62 years to life in prison for his crimes, which Superior Court Judge Ernest Sawtelle said were “unspeakable,” the Sacramento Bee reported.

Baker was convicted in July of nine charges including rape, forcible oral copulation, felony sexual battery and first-degree burglary, officials said.

On November 24, 2010, Baker sexually assaulted the victim, then 75, at the Sacramento senior living apartment complex.

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The woman—referred to during proceedings as ‘Jane Doe’— told her stunned family about the attack on Thanksgiving that year, the Bee wrote.

She had suffered a stroke the year before, which resulted in aphasia, making it difficult for her to speak or understand spoken or written words.

Baker returned two years later in September 2012 and attacked the woman again. DNA was found both times, but there were no matches to a possible suspect, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office said.  

Baker came back a third time on December 11, 2012, but he fled before completing the assault, authorities said.

At the suggestion of a Sacramento police detective, the woman’s family installed a motion activated camera to try to get an image of the rapist. They didn’t have to wait long, as Baker returned to the victim’s room on December 18, 2012, officials said.

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“Detectives reviewed the footage and immediately recognized the person to be then Sacramento Police Officer Gary Baker,” the District Attorney’s office said.

Baker was arrested and fired from the police department two days later. His DNA matched evidence taken from the victim and the crime scene.

The disgraced officer had more than two decades on the job.

His defense attorney argued that Baker and the victim had a casual relationship that included sex and that her family misinterpreted what she was trying to communicate to them, but the victim’s family members testified that the woman called out “rape” and “police,” the Bee wrote.

“I did not rape ‘Jane Doe,’ ” Baker reportedly said Tuesday from the defense table. “I did not do that.”

The victim’s son, Joseph Ramos, also spoke at the sentencing, saying: “You have caused a lot of pain to my mother, but my mother is strong and our family is stronger.”

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