Neighbors Concerned After Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Eat His Dog is Released from Jail

Police say Richard Watt of Stratford, Connecticut barricaded himself in his home in September and threatened to "eat this dog for dinner."

A man who police say barricaded himself in his Connecticut home in September before allegedly threatening to eat his own dog during a standoff with police has been released on bond and his neighbors are not pleased.

Police were called to the Stratford home of Richard Watt, 59, on September 1 by Watt himself, according to Police say Watt told them he was God and that he was going to "tap someone on the shoulder and tell them they are going to die." 

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When police arrived to the home, they found Watt barricaded inside and called the SWAT unit in. When SWAT members approached the home, Watt appeared with his "Schnauzer-like" dog in a headlock.

"Now you've done it, I’m going to eat this dog for dinner," police say Watt threatened. 

While they negotiated the release of the dog, police say Watt repeatedly threatened to shoot them. He was eventually brought into custody and charged with assault on a public safety officer among other charges.

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He was also charged with illegally cultivating marijuana after a search of his home uncovered a marijuana grow room, according to police.

But on Wednesday, Watt posted $100,000 bond and was released, prompting his nieghbors to write a letter to a local police chief.

“We are writing to you to express our concerns regarding the current situation in our neighborhood with Richard Watt,” reads the letter. “The safety of the residents of York Street is extremely compromised and of grave concern when Richard Watt is released.”

A call placed to an attorney listed as representing Mr. Watt was not immeditately returned.

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