Suburban Home Invaders Caught Raiding the Fridge During Burglary

Three men were caught on camera ransacking a San Jose home and one thief even drank their juice straight from the carton.

A burglary that was caught on camera shows thieves not only ransacking a suburban home but also raiding its fridge.

Three burglars in a San Jose home are seen in August footage sifting through the family's drawers and cabinets and even drinking their juice straight from the carton.

Fast forward to this past week and only one of the three men had been caught, leading police to release the unsettling security footage in hopes of catching the other two--including the thirsty thief.

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"The suspects ransacked the house and stole personal property before they fled the scene," according to a San Jose police statement. "The house was unoccupied at the time of the burglary."

According to police, one suspect was arrested in August by Santa Clara Police on charges related to the burglary.

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However, two other men are see in the video and are still wanted by police.

They are described as Hispanic and between the ages of 18 and 22. Footage shows them walking freely about the house wearing gloves while ransacking the place.

None of the men wore masks, however, and police assume they had no clue they were being recorded.

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