Zebras Escape Circus and Run Free Across Philadelphia

A pair of Zebras escaped from a zoo in Philadelphia on Sunday, leading police on a miles long chase through the city.

A pair of zebras escaped the circus on Sunday and led police on a miles long chase through the city of Philadelphia.

The animals got loose from the UniverSoul circus around 2 p.m., NBC Philadelphia reports

One of the zebras was caught soon after, but the other was less easily wrangled.

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Photos posted to social media show the zebra running through a park, down a busy street and past a KFC drive-thru.

Twitter user @Key_BlackBeauty snapped a photo of the zebras, before one was caught, as they galloped through the parking lot of a Planet Fitness.

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The second zebra was finally caught several miles from where it escaped.

The Philadelphia Police Department subsequently tweeted:

":Zebras in custody. They are already sporting old-timey prisoner getup ahead of trial and sentencing. Have faith, fellas."

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