13-Year-Old Starts at Georgia University as a Sophomore

Anderson smiling after receiving degree from Chattahoochee Tech

Caleb Anderson finished technical college at 12, and has started Georgia Tech's aerospace engineering program at 13.

Caleb Anderson started college this week as a sophomore at 13 years old.

Anderson said his first day of classes on campus was “pretty interesting,” and described the size of the campus as massive, according to the university’s statement.

“This is the kind of school I have been wanting to go to for a very long time, and I am finally here,” Anderson said. The Georgia university shared a video on Twitter of the young teen sharing his experience. 

The Georgia native began advanced classes at Chattahoochee Technical College two years ago, enabling him to join Georgia Tech’s aerospace engineering program as a second-year college student. 

Like many students, Anderson had some initial financial roadblocks, but was unable to secure any Georgia merit-based educational scholarships due to his age, according to the Atlanta- Journal Constitution.  

However, Steve and Majorie Harvey offered to help pay for his tuition through their foundation after hearing about his story last year, according to "Good Morning America."

According to the journal, Anderson hopes to pursue a career at SpaceX before starting his own company, all with the goal of becoming a positive influence for other Black teens.

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