Janice Dickinson's Fiance Reveals Results of His Plastic Surgery

Rocky Gerner is showing INSIDE EDITION the results of his pre-wedding procedure.

Janice Dickinson's fiancé, psychiatrist Rocky Gerner, is revealing the results of his plastic surgery.

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei told him before the operation: “It's going to look very nice, very natural.”

Rocky was given only local anesthesia.

Surgery was expected to take three to four hours but there was a complication. Rocky’s blood pressure spiked and his skin proved tougher to sculpt than the doctor anticipated.

Finally after seven hours, he was done.

The doctor said: “His went over because of difficulty. He had a blood pressure issue."

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Rocky was swollen and exhausted. So how does he look now? He looks years younger and has a sharper jawline.

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