'Dallas' Star Dumped Me By Phone After 17 Years Then Lied About Our Relationship, Ex Says

Dan Gordon told INSIDE EDITION he was shocked when Gray didn't include him in her memoir.

The ex-lover of “Dallas” star Linda Gray says the actress not only dumped him after 17 years, she wrote him out of her life.

“She is a liar, a hypocite and a phony,” Dan Gordon told INSIDE EDITION. “Man, I could say a lot of bad words.”

Gordon, a screenwriter, says the two were in a committed relationship for 17 years before she ended their affair on the phone. In her new memoir, she writes that she hasn’t been in a “long-term passionate relationship.”

She refers to Gordon as “a friend.”

“No, it’s not true. Your lover Don Gordon,” he said. He claims the actress spent a lot of time at his Arizona home and did the interior decorating.

INSIDE EDITION reached out to Linda Gray and was told: “No comment.”

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