Jenny McCarthy Under Fire for 'Uninformed' Charlie Sheen HIV Comments

McCarthy had accused Sheen, her one-time onscreen lover, of not telling her about his diagnosis.

Jenny McCarthy is under fire over her remarks about Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis when she appeared on his show. 

Though she 'did' make it clear she didn't believe she was at risk of HIV, coming after her discredited remarks about children's vaccines, she's now being criticized.

Vanity Fair magazine called McCarthy an 'uninformed medical gadfly" indulging in "ugly and retrograde shaming" on HIV.

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The actress played Sheen's girlfriend on Two and a Half Men for eight episodes and kissed him passionately several times.

She told her Sirius XM radio listeners that sheen should have told her he was HIV positive during her show on Thursday morning.

Social media also lit up with many referencing her now-discredited claims that childhood vaccinations for diseases like measles cause Autism.

Comedian Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to blast her:

Another posted: “The irony is that if someone invented an HIV vaccine Jenny McCarthy would be telling people not to take it.”

The embattled star took to Twitter to respond and defend herself:

On her radio show, she said, “Every person I’ve ever slept with I have, like, paperwork. I made everyone get an HIV test. I wouldn't sleep with anybody until I got, you know, the right paperwork. Playing, even, his love interest on the show back in the day, I go like ick! Ugh! That's not fair and scary,” she said.

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Sheen's manager is demanding an apology, saying: "Unless she is having real sex with him under the covers, I don't know what she's worried about. Our job now is to educate people."

Dr. Mehmet Oz says it is well established that casual contact like kissing does not transmit HIV.

“I think we're past that as a society. We know that people with HIV are not a risk to people around them unless they're engaged in intimate sexual acts or sharing needles,” Dr. Oz said.

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