Woman Gives Her Boots to Homeless Stranger on the Subway

Kay Brown told INSIDE EDITION that she felt compelled to help the woman who was not dressed for winter.

A New York woman gave a homeless person the shoes off her feet on a crowded subway car and became an Internet hero.

Kay Brown was headed home from Times Square when a homeless woman boarded wearing a thin shirt and no shoes.

"You don't want to stand on the subway in bare feet," Brown told INSIDE EDITION.

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She quietly asked the woman what size shoe she wore and it turned out they both wore the same size. So, Brown took off her ankle boots and handed them over.

The woman was incredulous. "She was like 'Are you sure?'''

Brown replied, "Absolutely."

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On the subway, other passengers complimented her. A man gave her a pair of thick sports socks for the walk home. 

To Brown, the whole thing was pretty simple. "You have to give to people who need these things," she said.

She took photos of the woman and her new shoes, and of her own stockinged feet, complete with mismatched socks. After posting them on Facebook, she became a sensation. 

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