Photo of Student in Ku Klux Klan Hood, Holding Confederate Flag Draws Ire, School Investigates

The picture was taken on Tuesday and was posted on social media.

A Georgia student was photographed wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood while holding a Confederate flag outside his high school in an act that has upset many and led school officials to launch an investigation.

East Coweta High School Principal Steve Allen said in a letter to parents that the student wearing the offensive garb and the student who took the photo have been identified.

“From the school’s investigation, it was determined that no specific threat was made in the incident,” Allen wrote in the letter.

The picture was taken on Tuesday and was posted on social media, the letter noted.

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“East Coweta has officially fallen to s***,” said @SpacemanLozo, who posted the photo to social media.  

“Where are this young man’s parents? Sad,” one person replied.

“What the f***”?" another wrote.

Allen wrote to parents that the school system is continuing to investigate the matter and is implementing disciplinary consequences, but did not specify what those consequences would be.

“The Coweta County School System does not allow behavior that infringes on the safety of its students, staff or volunteers, and does not tolerate behavior intended to bully, harass or intimidate others on our campus,” the letter continued.

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Coweta County Schools spokesman Dean Jackson told WSB-TV: “It does not reflect the 2900 students of this campus, it does not reflect the school or the school system.”

Coweta County NAACP president Temarkus Cook told the television station he is glad the school took action and hopes this serves as a learning opportunity.

“We should take a moment to consider where he is in life and see if we can’t redirect him to understand that kind of behavior is unacceptable for many reasons,” he told WSB-TV. 

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