Paralyzed Puppy Walks Again, 7 Weeks After She Was Scheduled to Be Euthanized

Sunshine the Rhodesian Ridgeback was walking just seven weeks after she was scheduled to be put down.

A puppy who was left paralyzed following an accident is miraculously running again, just weeks after she was scheduled to be euthanized.

Sunshine the Rhodesian Ridgeback was hurt after playing outside, likely after taking a tumble with a larger dog, her new owner, Mija Cyphert, told INSIDE EDITION.

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After a few days, she began losing control of her body and was left completely paralyzed from the neck down. On hearing that Sunshine's owners were going to euthanize her, Mija jumped in to help.

"The neurologist was not giving her positive prognosis of ever walking again," she told IE. "I begged them not to put her down and give her to me so I could try."

After physical therapy four times a day and acupuncture, as well as advice from the Ridgeback community, Sunshine slowly started to recover.

"Seven weeks after being scheduled to be put down she was able to start walking on her own," Mija said. "She is still little weak but we are working on getting her stronger."

Footage shows the pup happily bounding around as she plays with another dog, and Mija said she hopes the story will give hope to other owners.

"I know Sunshine is not the only one in this position and I know if people knew there is hope they would not have to say goodbye to their beloved pets," she said.