Woman Killed By Stray Bullet While Out Raising Money for Murdered Friend's Funeral

A woman in Redlands, California was the unintentional victim of a shooter while she was distributing fliers to raise funds for a friend's funeral.

A California woman was killed by a stray bullet last week while she was out raising money for a murdered friend's funeral.

The unnamed 43-year-old victim was one of two people shot Friday when police say 55-year-old Prentice Tonell Grant, Sr. was aiming for someone else as he allegedly opened fire in broad daylight.

"The deceased female victim was not an intended target in the crime. Ironically, she was distributing fliers in the neighborhood in an effort to raise money for another homicide victim from last month," police in Redlands posted to Facebook on Saturday.

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The victim tried to hide behind a trash bin when she was struck by a bullet.

The police statement was unclear whether the other victim, a 28-year-old male, was an intended target. The male victim survived the shooting.

According to a witness, some six or seven shots rang out in total.

The dead woman's niece, Angelica Templos, told NBC Los Angeles: "Innocent people's lives are being involved for no reason."

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Police say they quickly identified Grant as their suspect. He was picked up while driving away from his residence in a 1998 white Ford Escort seen in surveillance footage from the crime scene.

"After conducting several searches in San Bernardino, detectives were not able to locate the weapon is [sic] used in the crime," the police statement said.

Grant is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. As of Sunday, he was being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

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