Man Enlists Street Dancers to Help Him Propose to His Shocked Girlfriend

A video shows Richard Bryan proposing to his girlfriend Lisa Winn with the help of some dancers and an applauding crowd.

When professional gospel singer Lisa Winn saw a group of dancers performing to one of her songs in a Virginia town center, she whipped out her phone to take a video.

But it was no coincidence - and when Bruno Mars' "I Think I Wanna Marry You" began playing, Winn slowly realized her boyfriend was up to something.

"I think I was wrapped up in the dance and not focused on the lyrics at the time," she told INSIDE EDITION.

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But when the dancers pulled the couple out in front of the crowd before Lisa's boyfriend, Richard Bryan, got down on one knee and popped the question.

"Yes!" she said through tears as the crowd cheered.

And when she put the ring on, she added: "Oh my God, it's diamond!"

Speaking to IE, she said she was not expecting the proposal.

"I lost it! I cried uncontrollably. We've talked about marriage but I wasn't  sure when he would ask," she said.

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The video was produced by Vllsions Vlldeography and stars members of the St. Paul's Baptist Church B.O.M.B. S.Q.U.A.D in Short Pump Town Center in Richmond.

The couple met four years ago but started dating two years ago after bumping into each other in the gym. They hope to marry next summer in Jamaica, Richard's home country.

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