What to Know Before Flying a Drone, This Season's Must-Have Gift

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at how to avoid legal and safety issues when flying a drone.

Drones are the must-have gift on many lists this Christmas, and they are literally flying off the shelves.

But if you're not careful, flying a drone can get you in serious trouble.

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INSIDE EDITION has tips on what you need to know before flying a drone this holiday season.

It’s perfectly legal for hobbyists to fly drones but there are certain rules you need to follow, says Jon Ollwerther, President of Aerobo, a production company that specializes in filming movies and TV commercials with drones.

1. Know the area before you fly

“Look around you, know if there are airplanes, if there are powerlines, know if there are other people or cars in the area. Anything that's a potential hazard. If you lose control of it, it could really hurt somebody.”

2. It's against federal law to fly any drone within five miles of an airport.

3. But how high is too high?

“You should really keep it within line of sight, whether that’s laterally or vertically. Now the FAA says you should keep it under 400 feet, we think you should keep it even lower. If you don’t need to go that high, don't go that high,” Ollwerther said.

4. Don't fly close to people.

Make sure they are not being flown over someone's head. 

5. Don't fly them near someone's window.

You may be spotted and that can get you into some serious trouble as many people freak out over drones invading their privacy.

6. Don't buy an expensive drone at first. Start small and cheap, because they can crash easily, they are not as easy as they look.

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In an effort to make the skies safer from rogue drones an The FAA is working on a plan to require owners to register their drones with the government.

You can get more flying tips and information about buying drones here.

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