Why TV Meteorologists Across the Country Are All Wearing This $23 Dress

The dress, which comes in several different colors, is a hit with local weather forecasters across the U.S

Local weather reporters across the country have taken to wearing the same dress on air.

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One Dallas meteorologist posted a collage of her peers wearing the outfit to a private Facebook page and it has since spread across the internet.

INSIDE EDITION asked Phoenix meteorologist April Warnecke of KTVK why everyone loves the dress so much.

“You are trying to please everyone," she said. "There are so many rules. You can’t wear patterns, you are supposed to have sleeves."

The figure-flattering dress sells on Amazon for just $23 and comes in several colors.

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Warnecke added that what she wears is often "the number one thing" that viewers focus on.

"Even if you mess up the forecast the thing they are going to remember is what you were wearing," she said.

But this dress fits the bill perfectly.

“It’s flattering and not too revealing," she said. 

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